The widespread application of novel biopharmaceuticals is greatly hampered by their limited delivery across biological barriers and cellular membranes.

Pharmacoidea Ltd. is currently focused on drug delivery technologies including but not confined to the recently discovered protein transduction mechanism facilitating any macromolecules’ entry by the cell surface exposed heparan sulfate proteoglycans (HSPGs). The Pharmacoidea Ltd. has made a major progress to exploit the HSPG-mediated cell penetration mechanism and will work out clinically viable applications for various biopharmaceuticals. The interplay of bioinformatics, molecular biology and pharmacology results in the holistic approach of drug discovery, thus accelerating the drug development process. CPP-conjugated custom made protein and nucleotide therapeutics now can be rationally designed and extensively used due to the selective HSPG mediated mechanism. Briefly, the cell surface proteoglycan promotes entry of CPP-tagged membrane impermeable macromolecules, hence opening up new solutions for the selective delivery of biopharmaceuticals. Pharmacoidea’s innovative drug delivery know-how has been successfully applied in IMI’s COMPACT, a pan-European project for the development of selective delivery technologies of macromolecular therapeutics.