Pharmacoidea’s team is selected from forward-thinking scientists interested to solve critical medical problems and translate basic science results rapidly into novel therapeutics and prophylactics. As it is inevitable that scientifically validated botanicals can provide significant health benefits without the side effects of synthetic drugs, one mission of Pharmacoidea Ltd. is to develop and produce innovative herbal products and medicines, made of bioactive herbal and natural components rigorously tested in both the laboratory and the clinics.

Answering health challenges of the 21st century, Pharmacoidea is also producing botanical-based medicines and nutraceuticals for various indication areas, hence providing customers with scientifically validated, prophylactic agents that can deliver real health benefits without any compromise. Utilizing state-of-the-art drug discovery approaches, the Pharmacoidea has developed a synergic blend of botanicals, branded as MentalFitolTM, which delivered beneficial health effects in bench-to-bedside studies in Alzheimer’s disease. Pharmacoidea current botanical portfolio contains 40+ products being marketed both nationally and internationally. The company owns its own 1000 square meter factory for the production of innovative health food products and herbal medicines. More details on Pharmacoidea’s product can found in the company’s webshop available at