Contract manufacturing of processing and packaging of spices/herbs, sugar and other powdered foodstuffs (coffee, cocoa, protein powder and other food additives, etc.):

Powdering/grinding medicinal and culinary herbs, sugar, etc.: Capacity: 100-500 kgs/hour, depending on the moisture and oil content of the material. With an additional separator, we can separate – on demand – into four fractions based on grain size. The powderd material can be filled into bags.

Blending various powdered foods, additives, spices and tea: Capacity: 800-1000 kgs/hour. After homogenization, the material can be released into bags with motorized dust feeder connected with the mixer or directly from the mixer into bags.

Motorized dust feeder: powdered products (spices and other powdered or grained foods) from 50 g up to 5 kg to be filled into previously arrenged packaging material. Since the machine is connected to the mixer, the bag-tuning based on weight can be done after the homogenization of the components. 

Capsule filling: into various capsule sizes

Pharmacoidea Ltd. has the certification in the following fields Biotechnology research, development; spices and herbs proccessing, nutritional supplements production has introduced and applied a Quality Management System, which satisfies the requirements of MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009.

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