CRO services:

1. Protein cloning: Our research team undertakes the cloning, expressing and cleaning of proteins required for biological studies.

2. Development of drug delivery technologies and vectors on demand: the experience of our experts allows the planning, development, synthesis and labeling with flurescent tracers on demand to deliver biological macromolecules (proteins, nucleic acids, etc.) into cells.

3. Contract research: Conducting in vitro and in vivo preclinical tests from HIT validation to animal tests in neurodegenerative (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, AMD), inflammation (sepsis, acute pancreatitis) and tumor models. The process includes:

  • Molecular modeling and in silico docking
  • QSAR structure activity studies
  • disease-specific testing focusing on target molecules (beta-amyloid, NFkB)
  • Measurement of in vitro toxicity and in vivo immunogenicity in reporter cell lines  (NFkB, AP1, HSP, etc.)
  • Disease-specific in vivo transgenic animal models (APPswe, 4T1, etc.)
  •  The experiment shall include the statistical analysis of the results

4. Bioinformatics and data mining: We offer gathering and organizing literature data about molecule groups, drug targets and candidates from scientific articles and patents into a user-friendly database. Moreover we take patent research and drawing up dossiers about preclinical drug development.

5.  Development and functional validation of nutraceuticals and disease-specific medical foods

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